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Every business entity needs to have an efficient Accounting process and system. It all starts with creating the right Chart of Accounts and setting up the proper reports. Proseso’s General Accounting and Reporting Services ensure accurate monthly records and financial statements.

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Get Real-time Financial Intelligence for Your Business.

Having financial experts by your side will save you time and the hassle of managing the complexities of staying compliant with all accounting rules and regulations. In addition, our accounting experts will suggest the best strategy ideal for your business model and projections while abiding by local laws. 

Moreover, we will also build your Chart of Accounts with the same specific process to local standards. Our certified accountants will keep your Book of Accounts updated, correct, and compliant at all times.

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Why Do You Need Proseso General Accounting & Reporting Services?

Proseso’s process-driven General Accounting and Reporting Services ensure that books are closed regularly and financial reports are always there when you need them. 

We can set up and implement an accounting system for your company, allowing you to handle your accounting function with far higher precision, efficiency, and automation.

Our cloud-based accounting systems are cost-effective and efficient solutions that allow business owners, managers, and founders to monitor their assets and performance. It also provides real-time reporting for business intelligence and decision-making.

Our General Accounting and Reporting Services include:

Chart of Accounts Setup
General Ledger Maintenance and Recording of Journal Entries
Schedule of Fixed Assets and Record Amortization and Depreciation
Budget, Cash-Flow Projection Report
Month-end Closing Activities including Bank Reconciliation and Accruals
Preparation of monthly P&L, Cash-Flow, and Balance Sheet

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